Two SilverStripe Websites

Sigurd Magnusson sent us an email to let us know that "SilverStripe has now split its company and open source projects into two totally revamped and beautiful websites".  The two SilverStripe websites will of course have different purposes.

Head on over to the
site if you want to know more about our company and the business side
of things. But if you're looking for the SilverStripe community,
developer documentation, or the roadmap for the future of the product,
you're in the right place [].

Explanation for the split was given at stating that the changes were made to "make navigation and discovery easier" for SilverStripe's customers and developers.  However, I suspect the purpose of splitting the site had to also do with the fact that SilverStripe as a commercial entity needed to have its business side become less visible in its own open source project. 

MediaWiki plus FCKeditor: WYSIWYG for the wiki

A couple years ago we decided to use MediaWiki for a wiki implementation at work.  Wikipedia uses MediaWiki for their wiki application so we felt it was the right choice for our needs.  One concern my team had was that MediaWiki didn't come with a rich text editor (no WYSIWYG).

While a number of us may be fine with using wikitext or HTML to edit our wiki pages, I believe the majority in any organization prefers to edit their pages with a friendly user interface similar to that found on their word processor. At the time, we tried a number of solutions but found neither the suggested TinyMCE or FCKeditor implementation integrated that well with mediaWiki.   So for our project we settled with wikEd, an editor that still required users to work with wiki syntax but surprising a very good tool for most users.

During a lunch conversation last week with Deane Barker of Gadgetopia and Blend Interactive, I mentioned my frustrations with MediaWiki not having available a good WYSIWYG solution.  Deane suggested that I look at a more recent implementation of MediaWiki plus FCKeditor. This project is being supported by the developers of FCKeditor themselves.

A new approach to collaboration and ECM?

Andrew Conry-Murray has written a good article in InformationWeek about the integration of collaboration software with enterprise content management.  The article is titled, A New Approach To Collaboration And Enterprise Content Management. The article focuses specifically on Microsoft's Sharepoint and Alfresco's Share being utilized with or sometimes replacing the traditional ECM products.


ECM products like Documentum have come a long way from their origins moving certain content through specific business processes, such as loan origination or check processing. This is still their primary role, but ECM vendors are broadening their scope to help companies manage new content types and encourage collaboration. Where does that leave your choices?
Companies will always have a mishmash of content repositories to deal with, so it makes sense to build a software layer that can reach into all them to apply uniform policies


I have only one complaint about the article, the article is poorly titled.  The process and workflows being described are not a new approach for enterprises, but rather an ongoing approach for bringing collaboration tools into an enterprise's content management system.

Many of us had originally thought that bringing Enterprise 2.0 into our organizations would be as easy as installing software on the server.  What we're finding is that for many of our workers, collaboration of content within an organization sometimes requires signficant changes to our business culture.  New ideas and new approaches are always welcomed.  However if you really want to see true collaboration in the enterprise, it is not always new approaches that are needed but a recommitment to the Enterprise 2.0 projects you started months ago.

Improvise with Wordpress 2.7

Earlier today, Matthew Mullenweg announced the official release of Wordpress 2.7.  This new version of Wordpress is a dandy with significant improvements made to the Wordpress administrative interface and dashboard.  The choices you now have to customizing our blogging workflow is almost endless.

While we could start reading off from the changelogs for all the new features in Wordpress 2.7, It's probably just as easy to show you the video.

Linux taking center stage this week

I know what most of you are thinking and let me address what is on your mind at this very moment. No, I'm not blinded with nerd goggles.  In fact, I'm currently writing this post from a Windows Vista PC while my wife in the next room is on her MacBook Pro.  Windows and OS X have earned their roles on the computer stage and I would be the last person to dismiss these great operating systems.  However, these days I'm finding that Linux has just as much of a right to this stage when debating the value of operating systems.  

Radiant CMS 0.7.0 Coming Soon

Radiant, a Ruby on Rails based CMS, will soon be released under version 0.7. The new version is currently available as a release candidate

The most significant changes between Radiant 0.6.9 and 0.7 will include:

  • Admin controllers are now “RESTful”, i.e. they conform to the Rails convention for resources.
  • Rails 2.1.2 is included.
  • RSpec and RSpec-Rails are no longer packaged and are marked as gem dependencies. You need 1.1.11 or newer.
  • There are now generators for mailers and migrations in extensions.
  • The addition of some database indexes to increase performance.
  • Radius tags can now access request parameters and URL helpers directly.

Complete Story

Work on Gallery 3 Begins

The developers of Gallery, an online photo-album organizer, have officially announced the start of Gallery 3.  I have to say they have a very aggressive release date for the release of version 3.0.

Those of you that have been paying attention know that something is going on! At the Gallery Sprint a few weeks ago, we made a lot of decisions and got the ball rolling on a complete rewrite which we've decided to call Gallery 3. Development of new features on Gallery 2 has been frozen, Gallery 1 is now a completely separate project "Jallery", and the Gallery team is now busy at work on Gallery 3. It's definitely not ready to run on your website yet but we've set the ambitious goal of having a 3.0 release by February 1, 2009 and are on track to meet that goal.


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