XOOPS Project wins SourceForge award and releases XOOPS 2.6.0 Alpha 1

After winning the “Project of the Month” Award in August at SourceForge, world’s largest repository of OpenSource projects, the XOOPS Project is proud to present XOOPS 2.6.0 Alpha 1.

This is a brand new XOOPS series, with several major changes and enhancements to the Core. You can review the current XOOPS 2.6.0 Roadmap to find out additional information.

The main goal of the 2.6 series is to update the XOOPS Core and all classes to PHP 5.4, refactor old legacy code, and separate all HTML code from PHP.

Some of the main changes in Alpha 1:

Leaving Drupal is Hard to Do

Two years ago I began a process to consider how best to evolve CMSReport.com beyond where it is today. I've known for some time that I needed to take some risks, get out of my comfort zone, and perhaps change how I maintain and run the site. Given the opportunity and in the spirit of taking risks I've decided to no longer run CMS Report on Drupal. That's right, after running this site on Drupal for more than six years on Drupal I've decided to use another content management system.

For those that don't want to be left hanging, I mention the CMS I've chosen to run the upgraded site on toward the end of this article. In a separate article I'll get into the specifics for why I decided on this other CMS and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both information systems.


Plug your Mobile Apps into Cloud CMS

Cloud CMS is proud to announce the immediate availability of drivers for iOS, Android and popular JavaScript/HTML5 frameworks including jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Appcelerator Titanium and PhoneGap.

With this release, Cloud CMS enables businesses to quickly and cost-effectively manage and publish content for the real-time needs of their mobile applications.

The Cloud CMS drivers are easy-to-use native code libraries for mobile development.  They can be plugged into new or existing mobile applications to provide an important foundation to help your business orchestrate its mobile strategy.

In addition, Cloud CMS offers Getting Started Videos and Quick Start Guides to help developers plug in and go.

Teaching a New CMS to Employees: Tips & Tricks

Change can be a scary thing for employees to face. When you introduce a new Content Management System (CMS) to your employees, the steps you take before, during and after the implementation can make or break the transition. Follow these helpful tips and tricks to teach a new CMS to employees.

Gain Buy-in

Description: Image via Flickr by ICMA Photos

Before you whip out your light and compact Ultrabook and start loading the software on it, take a step back to give yourself an opportunity to gain buy-in from the employees. You gain buy-in by introducing the problems, issues and challenges that your employees face with the current CMS or other system you have in place. Then, you take it a step further by introducing all of the solutions to these problems, issues and challenges that the new CMS provides.


Fast Approaching: DotNetNuke World 2012

DotNetNuke World 2012 is fast approaching and I promised some DotNetNuke friends that that I would mention the upcoming event here on my blog. DotNetNuke World is the annual user conference specifically designed for developers, web designers, administrators, business decision makers, and end users on the DotNetNuke Platform. This year the conference will be held in Orlando, Florida on October 10th through the 12th.

The theme of DNN World 2012 is "Cloud Convenience, Social Solutions". At the conference you will learn how the leading Social CMS for Business will enable you to deploy highly collaborative, revenue generating web sites and online communities based on the latest and most advanced development techniques.

FusionLeaf CMS Publicly Available

FusionLeaf CMS is an open source content management system written in PHP. Geared more for developers, the CMS includes all the tools necessary to take control of your website.


It's very easy to setup on both Windows and Linux. FusionLeaf Stack is a Windows web stack which includes preconfigured versions of PHP, MySQL, Nginx, and Memcached. Just download, extract, and run! On Linux, you can run a script to install the same software as listed above so the server will be ready to go in no time.


It's built with the styling components of Boostrap, from Twitter. The familiar interface is the same one used on the popular Twitter social networking website. The framework is completely responsive to screen sizes so you can build one website on a computer screen that views very well on tablets and mobile devices.


It's built using PHP as the server-side language with HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS as the client-side languages. It includes PHP methods to utilize built-in notifications, simply database interactions, and validate security levels.


JaxReady Emergency Preparedness Mobile App built on Kentico CMS

Yesterday, a press release submitted by Kentico Software regarding JaxReady came across my desk. JaxReady is a smartphone app created by the City of Jacksonville to keep local residents informed in the event of a natural disaster and is built on the Kentico CMS. Over the years, I've worked with a number of emergency managers and almost everyone of them will tell you that the biggest difficulty they face as EMs is having the general public take interest in emergency preparedness well before a disaster hits. 

Perhaps where websites and outreach programs have fallen short in meeting emergency management needs, mobile applications such as JaxReady offer the public an increased chance to improving their changes of of survival during a disaster. Sherry McGuire, User Experience Developer of JaxReady commented that "The mobile apps we are creating will give residents powerful informational tools never before available, and all from the convenience of their pockets."

Liferay Marketplace Now Open to Enterprise Users and Developers

Public repository of advanced enterprise applications ready for download

LOS ANGELES, CA – Liferay, Inc., provider of the world's leading enterprise-class, open source portal, recently announced the public launch of Liferay Marketplace, offering over 70 enterprise apps and themes developed by Liferay. As part of this launch, Liferay also invites independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers to begin developing apps for Liferay Marketplace. Availability of third party apps created by ISVs will be in the next phase of Liferay Marketplace, which will include additional functionality such as built-in transaction and payments processing.

The public availability of Liferay Marketplace is a pivotal move forward in Liferay's goal to provide greater access to enterprise applications for Liferay users around the world.


Dethroned: Content Is No Longer King

I spent most of the last two weeks camping and hiking in the Grand Teton National Park of northwest Wyoming. If you've never visited this national park then take my word on it that Grand Teton is one of the most beautiful places a person can visit in this world. The mountains in this place peak near 13,800 feet and rise from the valley by almost 7,000 feet. Despite the warm summer much of the United States experienced, ice glaciers can still be accessed through a number of day hikes. For anyone that loves the outdoors, this place has everything in the form of wildlife, scenery, and activities. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending from your perspective), what the Grand Teton doesn't have is good 3G or 4G cell phone coverage.



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