Akismet Anti-Spam Modules for Drupal and phpBB

For our Wordpress 2.0 sites, we have been using the Akismet plugin to fight off the spam thrown at us through our comment pages. We've been impressed with the results with over 550 spam filled comments blocked since early 2006 and only two spam comments slipping by Akismet's filters. With these impressive results, we have been hoping to see an Akismet Drupal module also developed. Now both Drupal and phpBB users have access to an Akismet module for their CMS.

Markus Petrux from phpmix.org announced at Drupal.org:

After several days of work and tests at phpMiX.org, I'm proud to announce the immediate availability of about 2000 lines of code compiled into Akismet module v1.0.0 for Drupal 4.7.

You are encouraged to visit the Akismet site to learn more about it. In just a few words, when new content is submitted to your site, the akismet module sends a real time request to Akismet where hundreds of tests are applied to get a thumbs up or thumbs down kind of response. It may finally that tell us if the content is spam or not. If it isn't, the content is published, if it is, then it is placed on the moderation queue. Moderators may opt-in to receive e-mail notifications for all content, just content needing approval or nothing at all. The module is fully customizable, almost everything is optional. It also keeps track of a counter that you can use to show your visitors how many spam has been caught by Akismet in your site.

Also announced, was a module for the phpBB forum software. You can visit either Akismet or phpBB for more information. If you check out phpBB, you'll likely get a kick when you see that they are calling the mod the "Akismet Spam Butcher". Hopefully both Drupal and phpBB users will find the Akismet modules as useful as Wordpress users have found the plugin for Wordpress to be at their sites.

There is one caveat to using the Akismet modules though. You'll need a WordPress.com API key that is available, as far as I know, only by opening an account at Wordpress.com . I'm not really sure why the API key is only available at Wordpress.com and not Akismet's own site, but that's what they've chosen to do. For non-Wordpress users, Wordpress.org is the site you can download the actual open source software and Wordpress.com is a service that provides users a free Wordpress blogging account.