Mailbag: What makes Kentico CMS Different

Last week, I announced the addition of three CMSs to CMS Focus. CMS Focus is my top 30 list of content management systems that interest me the most. Because I limit the list to only 30 CMSs, there are obviously a good number of quality Web applications that are missing from this list. A CMS that arguably should be on the list is the Kentico CMS.

Kentico's PR Manager recently sent me an email to make his case for why Kentico should be included in the CMS Focus list. I likely will not be making any new changes to my top 30 list until June, however I will definitely consider Kentico the next time I update CMS Focus.

Hi Bryan,

I remember that Kentico CMS hasn't quite made it on your CMS Focus list.

Today, I would like to briefly comment on the criteria for selecting CMS on the list you published:
1. First, the application has to add something I haven't seen in a CMS before.

In case of a Kentico CMS it’s a set of its features that makes it unique. There are plenty of CMS that offers source code, hundreds that have multisite and multilingual support, dozens with open and well documented API, some that are SEO friendly, few that are fully rebrandable... And now will there any remain if you add 200+ web parts and 36 modules to cover the needs for building either Corporate Web Site, E-shop, Social Network or Intranet (=simply to allow your web site to grow in any direction)?  How many CMS vendors have 7 days bug fixing policy? Highly responsive support is something hard to prove, but please go ahead and do some “Mystery Mailing”, I’m sure that our support team won’t disappoint you (evaluators have right for 10 support tickets – so really please try this).Finally I believe that we were the first in CMS market (and probably in whole IT sector) who planted a tree for each bug found. ;)

2. Secondly, there has to be a good level of synergy in the development community and the user community supporting the CMS.

So you might see that we are really open in what we do and also listening to the community. The other nice thing is that all the above mentioned was written and answered personally by the company CEO.

3. Third, conversation via blogs, user forums, and RSS news feeds should be taking place somewhere at the official site for your CMS.

As in above, plus:

Please let me know if we are closer to the list now. I would also truly appreciate to hear your suggestions what we need change to be there.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Petr P.
PR Manager