OpenCms 8 content manager user manual now available!

The OpenCms 8 content manager user manual - which is now available for download - provides a quick non-technical overview of OpenCms 8.

This complete and easy to understand reference will help the content manager to build websites with OpenCms 8 within minutes. Learn all about advanced direct edit and the sitemap editor.

Explaining every feature and functionality of the OpenCms 8 user interface this user manual provides essential know-how for the content manager.

Learn more about:

  • Working with advanced direct edit
  • Features of the sitemap editor
  • Controls of the context menus
  • All features and functionalities of the OpenCms 8 user interface

With OpenCms 8 the work of a content manager has been made easy and intuitive. Everything you need to create beautiful web pages is within reach on the page itself.

Learn more about the great new features of OpenCms 8 and download the latest OpenCms 8 User Manual right now.

About Alkacon Software:
Alkacon Software GmbH is the company responsible for the development of OpenCms. Independent research has shown OpenCms to be a market leading solution amongst Open Source CMS systems. The software has been in continuous development for the last 10 years and has an active community of Open Source developers. Alkacon Software GmbH offers its customers training, support and add-on products for OpenCms. This gives the customers a layer of security and convenience often required for mission critical OpenCms installations.