Quoting IT: America's Next Industrial Revolution

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"We can now send people through their own personal industrial revolution in 90 days. So if you're a bright guy, a bright gal, you got an idea you can turn it into reality. Just like you could do it in code 15 years ago, now you can do it in hardware."

- Mark Hatch, CEO Techshop, Interview by Robert Scoble in "America's most important startup?",  Video published on Mar 25, 2013 via YouTube

This is a really long video. More than an hour. Why is it so long? Because Robert Scoble thinks Techshop could be the most important startup to United States' manufacturing industry. Here he spends an hour with Techshop CEO Mark Hatch. What is Techshop? It's a place where you can make things. Comments have been disabled here to encourage you to continue the discussion via Google+ on Scoble's original post discussing this video.

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