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Integrating Hippo CMS with Brightcove online video management system

If you are not taking video seriously, you're about to miss out on a major business opportunity. A recent study by Google and Millward Brown Digital suggested that 70% of B2B buyers and researchers are watching videos throughout their path to purchase. That's a 52% jump in only two years. And it's not just light viewing either.

The study found that over 895K hours of top B2B videos were watched in 2014. Nearly half the reasearchers viewed 30 minutes or more of B2B video content during their research process and one in five viewed over over an hour of content. In the B2C space, roughly 6 in 10 adults say they watch videos when they visit a brand website with video content, and 4 in 10 prefer watching a brand video over reading the same information.


Hippo CMS : A new name in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM

Gartner released the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management today, and there’s a new addition to the list of usual suspects. This year the Magic Quadrant includes Hippo CMS. As CTO, I couldn’t be more proud.

You can read the full report here, but for context let me emphasize that the Magic Quadrant offers Hippo’s technology an unprecedented amount of exposure. Like our partnership with EMC earlier this year, I see it as a major stamp of approval, confirming what I’ve known all along: that our open, standards-based architecture, our consistent belief in a WCMS based on the separation of concerns, and our refusal to follow some of our competitors into the realm of the extensive marketing suite fuels a truly enterprise-grade product. We’re the only open source Java CMS on the list. I want to take this moment to thank my team for their excellent work-- our placement in the quadrant is their achievement.  


It's out: Hippo CMS 10.0.2 GA

We couldn't be more thrilled: Hippo CMS 10 is out on GA.

This past May, we released Hippo CMS 10-- undoubtedly our biggest release so far, and the debut our our Content Performance Platform. Focused on driving collaborative innovation between IT and Marketing, Hippo CMS enables a data-driven, omni-channel content strategy for the modern enterprise. It is designed to help businesses understand their visitors – whether they are known or anonymous – and deliver the content they value in any context and on any device.  

Key highlights include:


Hippo CMS and Nuxeo: What You Need to Know About WCM and ECM Interoperability

Pieces of a puzzle

Combining web content management and digital asset management platforms allows you to create the best customer experience for visitors across all channels. WCM platforms such as Hippo offer unprecedented mechanisms to connect with website visitors and DAM platforms like Nuxeo manage digital assets in a central repository.

What You Need to Know About WCM and ECM Interoperability

Enterprise software may feel like alphabet soup (CMS, WCM, ECM, DAM, oh my!). Despite all the acronyms, there’s actually great interoperability between these systems-- which is great news for the businesses relying on these solutions to power their daily work.

First, some quick disambiguations:


Hippo: Content ROI Spans the Enterprise

As we countdown the days to the launch of the new version of Hippo CMS, I find myself having conversations about the spirit and vision behind the product just as often as I discuss new, soon to be announced features.

Whether I’m speaking with marketers, technologists, product management or sales, one topic is constantly top of mind: the importance of understanding and communicating content ROI. And, equally importantly: responding to content ROI quickly, and efficiently.

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Top Exec: Why separate "known" and "anonymous" visitors, when they're really on a spectrum?

In 2010, the team at Hippo CMS sat together in a room and decided to scrap portlet technology from our roadmap entirely. We knew portals—we had worked with them for years—and recognized that the technology was outdated and had served its purpose.

After all, portals were invented to help bring legacy applications to the web in a secure way. But nowadays more and more business applications are exposing their services as REST APIs, allowing us and others to build new interfaces on top of their existing backends. We already saw that the era of the portal was ending around 2010, so we decided to drop the technology entirely, focus on personalisation and add that into our standard web delivery stack.

Why separate “known” and “anonymous” visitors, when they’re really on a spectrum? Why draw arbitrary lines between the functionalities, separated by a login? Why don’t we use content targeting technology to start “learning” how our visitors are actually consuming our Web content, and how they want to consume our content? Then, we can use this technology to automatically group them together – and begin to create actual personas based on their behavior. 


Hippo CMS in the Cloud, a step-by-step tutorial

Hippo CMS is a Java open source web content management system that enables a true, open and context-aware content strategy. It is targeted at medium to large organisations managing content for multi-channel distribution like, web sites and intranets.

As with any Java applications and frameworks, this one is very easy to deploy to Jelastic!

Let’s get started!

1. Create an environment


Hippo Integration with PugPig for iPad Magazine Publishing

Integration between Hippo and PugPig provides a powerful and easy framework for managing and publishing to iOS-Powered Mobile Devices.

Hippo, the company setting new standards for how Commercial Open Source Web Content Management can empower audiences and change the way organizations manage Web content announced today that it has completed a seamless and complete integration with PugPig - a new framework that enables you to publish HTML5 content to iOS powered mobile devices. This integration provides Hippo CMS users with a complete content management and publishing framework to easily create beautiful and optimized magazines for the iPad and iPhone platforms.


Hippo Launches Hippo CMS Version 7.6


Hippo is pleased to announce its ongoing commitment to a passionate and loyal developer community by focusing almost the entirety of its new release of Hippo CMS Version 7.6 on new developer and architect focused features. Hippo's Java Web Content Management system is setting new standards for how web content can be managed and delivered.

Boston, MA – Hippo, the company setting new standards for how Commercial Open Source Web Content Management can empower audiences and change the way organizations manage Web content announced today the launch of its newest version - Hippo CMS 7.6.  This latest edition of the software is Hippo’s love letter to its developer community – featuring new capabilities developed directly from the feedback received from the thousands of developers and architects who work on the Hippo platform.   The new version is available on Hippo’s Web site, as well as on Sourceforge.net

New Developer Capabilities & Training


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