What are the Best Ways to Improve the ROI of Your Company Blog?

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What are the Best Ways to Improve the ROI of Your Company Blog?

Most brands want to have a company blog, but they may worry over the cost of hiring writers and editors and driving traffic to the site without knowing what the return on investment (ROI) of blogging might be.

According to Blogometer, around 7.7 million blog posts are written every day. Of course, the number of posts varies, but you're competing against a ton of other information to even see an ROI. Your articles must stand out from any competitor articles, but also compete against the many distractions on the internet to keep user attention.

When it comes to the ROI of blogging, there are a number of things you can do to improve your company blog and ensure your hard work pays for itself.

1. Use CTAs

How well you utilize calls to action (CTAs) in your blog posts can make a huge impact on conversion rates and your ROI of blogging. It’s easy enough to track where orders came from when you include a link or button at the bottom of a post that goes directly to a landing page with the ability to order then and there.

You’ve already shared detailed information about a topic. You shouldn’t feel funny about closing the sale by including a strong CTA at the end.

Including a CTA on a blog post can encourage visitor to make a purchase

Source: https://blog.owletcare.com/improve-baby-sleep-quality

Owlet utilizes their blog to cover topics about babies and sleep. This perfectly matches the idea behind their product that tracks baby’s vitals while they sleep. Note how they include a CTA right at the top of every single blog post that reads, “Buy Now.”

2. Know Your Goal

Studies prove content marketing earns up to three times as many leads per dollar as paid searches do. Setting some blogging ROI goals helps ensure you get the return you want. For example, you might not have a monetary goal. Instead, you might want to gather a certain number of leads, improve brand awareness, or increase social reach.

3. Attract Your Audience

In order to attract your target audience, you must be extremely knowledgeable in your field. Share topics that highlight how brilliant you are in your niche. Teach your readers about what you do so they can make an informed decision and see you’re the best option to meet their needs.

Think about the common questions customers have when they email or phone. How can you answer some of those queries upfront? How can you dig deeper than any of your competitors? When you attract the right audience, you’ll have a better idea of the ROI because you’ll have a higher percentage of people converting into customers.

Writing blog posts that are specific to your audiences needs can help drive conversions and increase the ROI of your blogging efforts

Source: https://illuminated-integration.com/blog/stage-lighting-for-dance

Illuminated Integration shares some pretty in-depth information about different types of stage lighting and entertainment enhancements. The articles wouldn’t interest anyone outside of their target audience, which makes them a powerful way to measure the ROI of blogging on their site. They’ll know exactly where their conversion rate sits when they look at traffic vs. leads.

4. Create a Promo Plan

Instead of just throwing articles up on the blog, think through the purpose and goal for each individual post. If you write about how to use a new widget, what is your goal for the post? Do you want to create customer loyalty or perhaps attract new customers?

Include a promo code or coupon in your blog posts so you can track how many new clients you get from each effort. Some topics may be more effective for you than others. Going forward with a specific plan may help you better understand the specific ROI and whether it is monetary, brand name recognition, or something else.

5. Gather Leads

Your return on investment might not be initially monetary. Perhaps you simply want to gather new leads and increase your brand reach. It’s a little more difficult to ascertain ROI when it isn’t monetary, so you’ll need to set a few goals for how many new leads you want to attract for every $10 you invest.

Consider your average conversion rates outside of advertising and blogging efforts. What percentage of people convert into leads? You’ll want to see similar results from your blogging efforts.

Offering visitors information like product demos or chats are a great way to capture the contact information of qualified leads

Source: https://www.vidyard.com

Vidyard uses videos to show their product and then they offer a chance for you to chat with them or try the program for free. Both options allow them to collect contact information. Think about how you can best entice your audience to share their information. What can you offer them in exchange?

6. Learn and Use SEO

Take the time to understand the most current search engine optimization (SEO) methods. Once you have a handle on how to use keywords, what type of content ranks well, and things you can do to enhance your posts, you should implement as much as you can.

Well-ranked content gives you a higher ROI. You’ll attract the right site visitors and convert them into buyers. Try different tactics until you get the results you most desire.

Improve Your ROI

To improve your ROI for blogging, you must first understand what results you most want to see. Come up with a way to measure the results so you can repeat what’s successful for your site and lose what isn’t. Try different tactics, pay attention to conversion rates, and run some split tests to help you get better results each time.